13483172_10209540604848917_8709820517354385795_oI’m a 22 year old grad student and I. Love. Running. So I decided to do what all millennials do and start a blog about it!

I just moved from Maryland down to North Carolina to start my Master’s in Public Health degree and have been looking for a way to channel my inspirations, so here we are! I’m living with my boyfriend and my boxer dog in a super cute house that has a fire place (booya) and have been transitioning into our new life!

Though there’s been a lot of changes recently the few things that have remained the same (and kept me sane) are my runs in our new tree-lined neighborhood, my coffee addiction, my daily conversations with my dog, and my obsession with granny smith apples and peanut butter.


Mountains, travel, and my family are a few of the coolest things so I’m sure they’ll end up here in some capacity.


I by no means think my life is more extraordinarily interesting than the next person’s, I’ve just always loved reading blogs and writing and running so I wanted to compile them all into one place!