Holy Moly Here are Some Thoughts in a List


  1. I have been bit by the travel bug and CANNOT shake it. I’m going to CO at the end of March/ beginning of April but it is not coming soon enough. John Muir really was right when he said that stuff about mountains calling:)
  2. My running has been pumped up the past few weeks. Lots more 8 and 9 milers just for the hell of it and it’s been amazing. More than normal, I’ve needed time to let my heart heal, even if just for a little bit.
  3. On that note, HOLY CRAP the stress is out of control. This world is driving me mad. Every day I feel like I see something that completely devastates me. I’m having a difficult time knowing how to funnel this energy.16251564_10211596349041237_9131171115468716458_o
  4. On that note, here I am writing again. Hoping this does something to help.
  5. The timing of my insane craving for mountains and solitude is coming at a time that I need to be most active. Coincidence? I think not. I am trying to stay afloat and diligent and continue to fight the good fight!
  6. Already in the third week of second semester grad school….whaaaat?
  7. Marriage freaks me out.
  8. I’m really craving a race here pretty soon. Not a full marathon but definitely a half. Could use something to travel and get excited for!15027514_10210805990842776_6867437795370282617_n
  9. We’re starting to plan our trip to IRELAND!
  10. Washington/ Cascades is in the works. I CANNOT wait. New mountains, towns, backpacking, biking, hiking, and running. Calling my name.16003206_10211493289584815_6160960931987410953_n
  11. 8. Also we’ve been talking a lot about our dream living situation. Having the mountains in view is definitely on the list.

This post is not solving any world problems and was very “me-centric” I will get away from that in the next thing I write. Just trying to purge some of my thoughts!

Love love love!




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