Weekend Anniversary and Not Many Miles:)


Brian and I celebrated 7 years together this weekend:) It’s still so crazy to me that we are where we are. I seriously wanted our life so bad and we’re actually living it! I hope I never get over this because that would be a sad day.

To celebrate we kicked off with Friday pizza night at Sticks and Stones. This is my favorite tradition we’ve started so far:)


We went to Raleigh on Saturday to hang out with Lee! It was great, we watched the devastating State game, at pretzels and cheese dip, went hiking at Yates Mill Park, and ate Laughing Cow ice cream:) We originally had planned a run and a trip to the state fair but ended up revising plans after spending some time at the bar watching the heart breaking State game. I think everyone was more into a low key evening:)


We came home to a happy Rue and drank some wine and went to bed at 11pm–crazy night ha!

Today was spent cleaning up around the house, watching the Redskins win (!!!!!), and just enjoying spending time together. Brian made us delicious breakfast and I was just loving life:)


I almost skipped my run this evening because I’m feeling the effects of a few nights without great sleep. Plus nothing like a lazy Sunday to really keep your energy levels low:) Anyway, 6 easy miles on what’s becoming my new favorite loop around here, it gets some hills which I always appreciate:) Hills=favorite thing ever


Tonight is SNL rerun from last night, more wine, some dark chocolate, and Brain is taking apart the dishwasher to see if it’s broken:/ He’s seriously the best though:)



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