A Love Letter to Running

Timehop told me today is 4 years since I ran Baltimore Marathon so I thought I’d write a love letter to running to appreciate all it’s given me in the past few years ❤ Brace yourselves for some hard hitting cliches. I wish I could do something about it but I can’t, sometimes cliches just hit the mark.


  1. You taught me I was far stronger than I could ever imagine and showed me who I actually am:)


{skin and bonesssss. girl get some meat on yo bones and by meat I mean pizza}

2. You helped me recover from my disordered eating. I was able to gain weight and not feel guilty or anxious about it. I learned how to appreciate my body and all it’s capable of rather than to limit it and fear what fuels me.


3. You showed me the magic and spirit of the marathon. And that it’s really easy to make friends with total strangers and share your entire life with them over the course of 4ish hours.


4. You taught me everything has a season. Running Lehigh Valley I literally thought I was having kidney failure from mile 11 to mile 16. Like I told Patty my body was going into sepsis. As soon as I hit mile 16 or 17 I was a completely different person–that second wave finally hit. I finished that marathon happier and with a clearer brain than any before it! The pain train comes in waves and it just takes some toughness to get through it!


5. You’ve taken me to some really freaking beautiful places


On both coasts….


In the desert….


and through the mountains…


6. You taught me how to enjoy the moment and appreciate goals. Also you taught me I’m a MUCH happier lady when I’m running or have gotten my run in.


7.You showed me I’m braver and more courageous than 18 year old me ever thought possible {i.e. 4K}.


{Take a look at all dem good looking peopleeee}

8.You sparked my sense of adventure, taught me how to live with little, and allowed me to be fine going a few days without a shower:)



9.You gave me a community, peace of mind, and a productive emotional outlet. Because when ANYTHING is happening in life a run can help it no matter what.


10.You’ve brought me some of my best friends<3



11. You taught me that when you think something is impossible it actually isn’t. There was about a year and a half where I thought I’d never be able to run a road marathon again because of injuries I was struggling with. I was convinced that I was totally retired from the sport. Then LOL I ran another one with Lee. It was absolutely not my best performance and one entire foot turned black and purple from shitty shoes but dang we did it. And now I’m doing it again in May.


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