Running, Safety, and Woman Things

As a woman I have to deal with the shit that comes with living in a society that caters to men’s needs. I’ve experienced that some men feel entitled to be able to scream, honk, or spit on me while I run by all because they are a man and I am just a woman. My running is obviously for their pleasure, not for my health. Their sexual thoughts are clearly more important than my safety. A few days ago I was involved in a very dangerous, very scary situation close to my home. I decided to write about it because it shocked me so much–I [naively] thought I had “aged out” of certain threats and violence.


I was standing at my bus stop which is on a busy road. A car drives by and yells/honks at me (I refuse to use the word catcalling because I am not a fucking animal and neither are they).  They pass and I send a quick snarky text to Brian (who was working from home) complaining about how gross men can be sometimes. The next thing I know there is car driving up behind me and I hear someone open and close a door. At this point my entire body is in fight or flight. I immediately know this is not a safe situation. I don’t turn around until I hear someone saying something to me.

I turn and see one man walking up to me while another is sitting in the running car. The man is saying things about how I look but is doing so in a way I can’t fully understand him–I get the gist of what he’s doing but refuse to accept what’s happening. I respond by telling him I cannot understand what’s he’s saying, he needs to stop mumbling. Now he stands up a bit taller and repeats the comments and then proceeds to see if I need a ride. I should get in the car. It looks like I need a ride.

I respond by saying “No. I’m fine.” He then dives back into the comments about my appearance and repeats the entire thing over again, telling me I should get in the car. At this point I’m terrified. He’s getting closer to me, I can tell he’s not fully sober, and he’s not just leaving. I look him directly in the eyes and say “I’m waiting for my bus and don’t need this right now. Can you please just leave me alone.” I really wanted to say “Go fuck off and you and your friend drive straight to any church, walk inside, and ask Jesus to forgive you for being disgusting.” But I knew the more I reacted the more danger I would be putting myself in. So I kept it to please leave me alone.

Right when I am saying this, another car drives up next to me. The man sees this and responds to my comment with “It’s all out of love” to which I say ” I appreciate that but please just leave me alone”. He starts walking back to the running car. I look over to the new car and see one of my friends from grad school who saw this happening as she was driving on the other side of the busy road and u-turned around to see if I needed help. I literally have never been so thankful to see someone ever. I’m not sure what could have happened if she didn’t pull up. I called Brian while I was still with my friend and he came outside and called the police.

After reflecting on this entire thing it was really clear that I was not being annoyingly hit on. They obviously had intentions of taking me. What would happen after that, I’m not really sure, but the entire interaction had a stench of trafficking. I’m convinced that two things I did were helping me before my friend showed up.

  1. I looked him in the eye. Research says that when abductors are choosing their victim, women who look them directly in the eye become less desirable.
  2. I responded firmly and told him to leave me alone. I was not wishy washy. Even this small thing shows that you are not going to be an easy target. Especially when this is happening in broad daylight, on a Monday, on a busy road.


I have been yelled at, honked at, screamed at, and spit on all while running. This is done either by passing cars or passing men on foot. I have never been directly approached like this. I always know there is a threat but I never truly feel it. I run in safe spaces. This incident reminded me that while I can feel totally safe because I perceive a place to be safe, I cannot read people’s minds. And some people’s minds are sick. I would never imagine someone would try to abduct me because that’s totally insane to me. But it happens every day and that’s why I’m writing this. As women we need to remain aware of our surroundings always.

Someone made a comment to me along the lines of “why does this happen to you so much?”. I thought about this a lot and came to a conclusion. I spend a lot of time outside, by myself. I run outside, hike outside, walk to school/work, stand at bus stops. I like being active outside so I spend more hours outdoors. I am not going to change my entire life for fear of another incident. I will not retreat to a treadmill inside because I’m scared of what might happen outside. This neighborhood/state/country is as much mine as it is the shitty men who approached me. I’m not going to cater to their perverseness and give up the things I love.


So let this be a reminder to be aware and don’t think “that won’t happen to me” because I never thought this would happen to me and it did. Practice love and safety!



Holy Moly Here are Some Thoughts in a List


  1. I have been bit by the travel bug and CANNOT shake it. I’m going to CO at the end of March/ beginning of April but it is not coming soon enough. John Muir really was right when he said that stuff about mountains calling:)
  2. My running has been pumped up the past few weeks. Lots more 8 and 9 milers just for the hell of it and it’s been amazing. More than normal, I’ve needed time to let my heart heal, even if just for a little bit.
  3. On that note, HOLY CRAP the stress is out of control. This world is driving me mad. Every day I feel like I see something that completely devastates me. I’m having a difficult time knowing how to funnel this energy.16251564_10211596349041237_9131171115468716458_o
  4. On that note, here I am writing again. Hoping this does something to help.
  5. The timing of my insane craving for mountains and solitude is coming at a time that I need to be most active. Coincidence? I think not. I am trying to stay afloat and diligent and continue to fight the good fight!
  6. Already in the third week of second semester grad school….whaaaat?
  7. Marriage freaks me out.
  8. I’m really craving a race here pretty soon. Not a full marathon but definitely a half. Could use something to travel and get excited for!15027514_10210805990842776_6867437795370282617_n
  9. We’re starting to plan our trip to IRELAND!
  10. Washington/ Cascades is in the works. I CANNOT wait. New mountains, towns, backpacking, biking, hiking, and running. Calling my name.16003206_10211493289584815_6160960931987410953_n
  11. 8. Also we’ve been talking a lot about our dream living situation. Having the mountains in view is definitely on the list.

This post is not solving any world problems and was very “me-centric” I will get away from that in the next thing I write. Just trying to purge some of my thoughts!

Love love love!



Weekend Anniversary and Not Many Miles:)


Brian and I celebrated 7 years together this weekend:) It’s still so crazy to me that we are where we are. I seriously wanted our life so bad and we’re actually living it! I hope I never get over this because that would be a sad day.

To celebrate we kicked off with Friday pizza night at Sticks and Stones. This is my favorite tradition we’ve started so far:)


We went to Raleigh on Saturday to hang out with Lee! It was great, we watched the devastating State game, at pretzels and cheese dip, went hiking at Yates Mill Park, and ate Laughing Cow ice cream:) We originally had planned a run and a trip to the state fair but ended up revising plans after spending some time at the bar watching the heart breaking State game. I think everyone was more into a low key evening:)


We came home to a happy Rue and drank some wine and went to bed at 11pm–crazy night ha!

Today was spent cleaning up around the house, watching the Redskins win (!!!!!), and just enjoying spending time together. Brian made us delicious breakfast and I was just loving life:)


I almost skipped my run this evening because I’m feeling the effects of a few nights without great sleep. Plus nothing like a lazy Sunday to really keep your energy levels low:) Anyway, 6 easy miles on what’s becoming my new favorite loop around here, it gets some hills which I always appreciate:) Hills=favorite thing ever


Tonight is SNL rerun from last night, more wine, some dark chocolate, and Brain is taking apart the dishwasher to see if it’s broken:/ He’s seriously the best though:)


How Sleeping in Walmart Parking Lots Saved My Relationship

This past summer Brian and I decided to take a road trip from Maryland to Montana to celebrate graduation from our respective undergraduate institutions. We had spent the past 4 years living in different states and, expectedly, our relationship had changed quite a bit. Honestly, I look at us now sometimes and wonder how the heck we work out. He’s a methodical, thoughtful, calm, thorough, extroverted engineer. Just last night he took apart our rice maker while we were trying to cook dinner because he thought it wasn’t heating fast enough. I, on the other hand, am a flighty introvert whose head is mostly in the mountains while my feet pitter-patter on the concrete. When I’m not running super long miles or irresponsibly spending money I’m changing my career aspirations or talking a million words per second. Opposites attract?


Our experience was never easy and I really wouldn’t do it again but we had gotten through it and were trying to figure out the next steps. He was starting work and I was beginning graduate school and we didn’t know if too much had changed between us. I was looking at this trip as a test. I figured if we could get through hours in the car together, no showers, sleeping in the car, so. much. trailmix., and experiencing the most amazing mountains in the world together, then we were supposed to be together.


We loaded up his tiny eighteen-year-old car at 3AM on a random Thursday after graduation, flashed peace signs to Maryland and hit the road to Montana. I got car sick in the first 10 minutes of the drive, but we were doing it damnnit.

What fell out over the next 2 weeks I don’t think Brian could have planned for or I could have dreamed up. We began to relearn everything about each other. Even though we have 7 years together under our belts, a lot about us changed. And it was dang uncomfortable at first.

He talked too much. I talked too much. He drove too much. I slept too much. Right music, wrong music. Good conversations, scary conversations. Too much touching, too much space. I had a bewitching hour where hangry was my first, middle, and last name. It went on and on. Re-learning your partner is—as you might imagine—very odd. We were figuring out our new roles in the relationship and how the other person fit into them. And we were doing it within the confines of a tiny little sedan.


So as we were driving through Bumfuck America and the miles and states started to run together, we sang along to Bruce Springsteen and Beyoncé, ate disgusting amounts of trail mix, ran miles at rest stops on the side of interstates, and peed on the side of the road. I drank more root beer than I had in my entire life combined. He bought hand-crafted wooden spoons from a man in a small mountain town. We looked for the best breakfast burrito in the country. And I ate my weight in gas station cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Our first defining moment was when we needed to sleep and nowhere to go—aka the first night. I suggested Walmart. Brian—being the planner, more straight-laced guy that he is—had a difficult time committing to this at first. We ended up sleeping in Walmarts in 7 different states; learning to see them as a safe haven of Zzzz’s and surprisingly clean bathrooms. It was these parking lots that we began to rebuild our trust and intimacy. We were slowly building back routine and a bit of the reliance that had eroded over the past few years.

It was at these Walmarts that we started and ended our no shower streak; using the sinks to maybe rinse off some grime from the day. Things got ripe and knarly and I loved it. We were as perfectly raw as we could be with each other. There were no distractions or responsibilities or bullshit to pull us away from our focus on each other.

As we hiked to glaciers, alpine lakes, and beautiful summits our bodies were working and our souls were full. We were reconnecting in the purest places on Earth, figuring things out as we went, and beginning to appreciate forgiveness and patience for all they are worth. I started to truly see my own imperfections and our differences. Brian began seeing our relationship for what it had changed into, which meant really letting go of where we had been and the ideas of what we should be. Most of all, we learned that We. Are. Really. Different. And that’s absolutely okay.


The mountains that surrounded us served as a constant reminder to strive to be humble and quiet; reflect within ourselves before searching for the issue or answer within the other; and that we are so minuscule in the grand scheme of things. That’s not really a lesson we related back to our relationship but something I think we all need to remember from time to time. It was amazing and stressful and fulfilling all at the same time.

Experiencing the magic of the Tetons, Jenny Lake, Grinnell Glacier, Lake McDonald, the Badlands, Big Horn National Forest, and Upper Two Medicine together was a bonding experience I don’t think could be comparable to anything else.

To sum it up, road tripping, hiking, running, exploring, eating, swimming, and forgoing showers with your partner can be an incredibly revitalizing experience. And a little stinky. And totally freaking awesome


A Love Letter to Running

Timehop told me today is 4 years since I ran Baltimore Marathon so I thought I’d write a love letter to running to appreciate all it’s given me in the past few years ❤ Brace yourselves for some hard hitting cliches. I wish I could do something about it but I can’t, sometimes cliches just hit the mark.


  1. You taught me I was far stronger than I could ever imagine and showed me who I actually am:)


{skin and bonesssss. girl get some meat on yo bones and by meat I mean pizza}

2. You helped me recover from my disordered eating. I was able to gain weight and not feel guilty or anxious about it. I learned how to appreciate my body and all it’s capable of rather than to limit it and fear what fuels me.


3. You showed me the magic and spirit of the marathon. And that it’s really easy to make friends with total strangers and share your entire life with them over the course of 4ish hours.


4. You taught me everything has a season. Running Lehigh Valley I literally thought I was having kidney failure from mile 11 to mile 16. Like I told Patty my body was going into sepsis. As soon as I hit mile 16 or 17 I was a completely different person–that second wave finally hit. I finished that marathon happier and with a clearer brain than any before it! The pain train comes in waves and it just takes some toughness to get through it!


5. You’ve taken me to some really freaking beautiful places


On both coasts….


In the desert….


and through the mountains…


6. You taught me how to enjoy the moment and appreciate goals. Also you taught me I’m a MUCH happier lady when I’m running or have gotten my run in.


7.You showed me I’m braver and more courageous than 18 year old me ever thought possible {i.e. 4K}.


{Take a look at all dem good looking peopleeee}

8.You sparked my sense of adventure, taught me how to live with little, and allowed me to be fine going a few days without a shower:)



9.You gave me a community, peace of mind, and a productive emotional outlet. Because when ANYTHING is happening in life a run can help it no matter what.


10.You’ve brought me some of my best friends<3



11. You taught me that when you think something is impossible it actually isn’t. There was about a year and a half where I thought I’d never be able to run a road marathon again because of injuries I was struggling with. I was convinced that I was totally retired from the sport. Then LOL I ran another one with Lee. It was absolutely not my best performance and one entire foot turned black and purple from shitty shoes but dang we did it. And now I’m doing it again in May.

Outrunning CoDependence

The peacefulness is almost overwhelming. So is the canyon. So is the pain in my Achilles. It’s just after sunrise and the light of the sun is starting to give the canyon a bit of life. Shadows fade and we are welcomed with vibrant paint strokes of red and orange everywhere we look.  I’m thankful to be running with the boys instead of Jen—she was a little too chatty for 6 AM, which really feels like 5am since we crossed into Mountain time yesterday. As we silently pace closer to Zion’s entrance, things around us get a bit more interesting. The llamas in the few yards we pass look just as confused to see us as we are to see them. The boys and I continue to sway up and down the climbs—we’ve fallen into a relaxing rhythm. My Achilles still hurts. Zack starts talking about his mama—a fighter and survivor. I stop thinking about my Achilles.

We pass a sign for a town limit. Population: 18. Huh. That’s smaller than our team and we fit into two 15 passenger vans. We see the van off in the distance. Although out here even when we see it, we’re still a good mile and a half out from it. Just like time, distance and space mean so little to me now. I don’t really mind though—it’s cool today, a nice breeze whispers through the canyon and across my skin. The closest tangible thing to peace besides our daily 5am gas station coffee. 

Truthfully, my body is tanked from yesterday’s 13 miles through the Mojave Desert at high noon. And this morning we were welcomed with a time change; we all groggily bid that extra hour farewell. But still, I literally wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m totally in love with life in this moment. Exhausted, unshowered, hungry and all. We run the last three miles to Zion’s gates, all together.

It’s odd to think that just a few months ago I was a 19-year-old university student whose life revolved around her boyfriend. One person. An entire life crafted to somehow attain fulfillment from another imperfect human. It’s laughable now that I look back on it, but those moments and those years I was so engulfed in my codependence and shared identity that I couldn’t see life past his blue eyes. See, we were high school sweethearts who were embarking on a road so many had before us: long distance. Cliché, I know. But man we were in-freaking-love.


There’s something about loving someone from miles and miles away that really screws with your mind. I thought I needed to hold on tighter to him in order to master my own happiness. Of course, as I funneled all my emotional energies, physical time, and hard- earned cash into waiting for the next phone call or visit, I inevitably became more and more miserable. It’s impossible for one person to make you happy. We create our own happiness and if a partner comes along who compliments that happiness, awesome! If not, that’s cool too. We are our own souls navigating Earth and it’s up to us to pursue our inspirations. Of course this was not how I was living three years ago. I was depressed—unable to understand why a life that I crafted solely around the one thing that made me feel so much love was failing tremendously at doing just that.


One day on a whim, I decided to apply for a 4000-mile cross country charity run. Crazy, yes. I was accepted. Ever crazier. Before I knew it, I had raised $4,500 and was flying across the country to San Francisco preparing to run back home to Baltimore. To this day I have no clue what gave me the courage to do this—I wasn’t a traveler, I was giving up six weeks of my precious summer time with my long distance love, and I’m introverted beyond belief. Yet there I was about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime: running 10-20 miles a day; sleeping on floors of churches, YMCAs, firehouses, and community centers; asking for food donations; and bonding with members of our nation’s cancer community, sharing stories of fighters and loved ones lost. If I had to guess, my intense love of running—the peace, clarity and empowerment it provides me with every day—fueled my unexpected, whimsical jump to adventure.

Over the course of 6 weeks I morphed into a completely new being. Actually, more accurately, my true self was finally able to breathe—it’s totally amazing what magic happens in your life when you are intentional about feeding your soul. Besides the obvious physical challenges of our journey—enormous mileage, sleeping on floors every night, eating anything and everything that we could get generously donated and our hands on, the lack of showers and laundry for days, the heat and altitude, and being in the middle of absolutely nowhere 99% of the time—the emotional and intellectual challenges are what wholly fed my growth.


See, I was surrounded by 26 absolutely incredibly interesting runners 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I was introduced to a brand new way of living, one that put personal growth and exploration first rather than another person. These were folks who were inspired to travel to the farthest corners of the Earth, pursue PhD’s, volunteer to help their communities. They were single, married, or in relationships and all were 100 percent happy with their lives. Incredible. Especially to me, the girl who had just spent the past 2 years of her life moping around because all of her value was vested in one thing, or rather, one person. I hadn’t been pursuing interests or trying to meet new people. I hadn’t been setting goals and then surging out to accomplish them. I had one goal: get engaged because then I would be truly happy. I can laugh about it now because of how naïve and simplistic my world was back then, but man it has taken a while to get here.

Sharing sweat and blood and definitely tears with these beautiful people taught me that I could be so much more. I could aspire to so much more. I was in charge of my own future. I had the power to search within myself and within the world for contentment and curiosity and, of course, fulfillment.  Running across the United States didn’t just open my eyes, it cracked open my world, and with that, goals and excitement and authenticity came pouring out.

Now this is not to say that I ran across the country and all of my problems were solved. I came home and had to face incredible discomfort with my old habits. Change is awkward (and hopefully inevitable) in life. But with the tumultuous times that followed my six-week slice of heaven came a heart that desired so much more and a mind that dreamed so much bigger.

I have since traveled the U.S. high and low. Climbing mountains, seeking out alpine lakes and glaciers, driving back roads, running tons and tons of miles. I became an ultrarunner and ran races through streets and up mountains. I drank way too much coffee on both coasts and in between. I applied to and was accepted to a graduate program studying something I adore. And I have pursued relationships and friendships in ways that I had never before. My uncharacteristic, on-a-whim decision to do what so many thought was insane was the greatest decision of my short 22 years on this Earth, and is inevitably what will shape the rest of my years.

Pumpkin, Groins, Miles, and Pictures with Captions!!


-Cappuccino before class tonight:) Tate St Coffee continues to be my fave.


-Two walks with Ruey today because it was so dang pretty out! Sweatshirt weather!


-THE BEST oatmeal I’ve ever made:

oats, chia, apples, strawberry, pumpkin puree, splash vanilla, dash cinnamon, all in an almost empty almond butter jar:))))


-First attempt at pumpkin bread this season. It turned out ok…definitely room for improvement. Also I still don’t have a mixing bowl so baking things tends to inspire creativity:)


-My pumpkin bread helper-cook. Obviously her life is really hard, I wouldn’t give her any batter.


-7 miles of hill repeats today! Perfect fall weather. My groin is starting to yell at me a little bit so lotssss of stretching and rehab exercises for the next few days.


-I. Love. Running<3

Long Run, Little Motivation

Holy freaking moly. The long run that was supposed to happen last week and then was moved to Saturday was actually completed on Sunday. And wow did I not want to run for 3 hours. Taking 2 weeks off from long running really squashes your ability to just get up and go get. it. done. I was thinking of every excuse in the book for why I couldn’t do this. THANK GOD Lee was here to tell me to shut up and just freaking do it. So here’s what happened:


Hurricane Matthew reached us on Friday and really exploded on Saturday so we ended up pushing it back another day. We watched the entire season of Stranger Things, ate pasta, went out and got Ben and Jerry’s, and just hung around the house all day:) I also went to squeeze in a short workout at the gym. I attempted running on the treadmill and lasted literally 15 seconds. I hate that thing. So I revised the plan and did a quick upper body work out.

Sunday morning came too quickly and before I could say “please let’s just go back to sleep and eat muffins and drink coffee all day” we were out on our way. We turned this run into 3 1-hour loops around the neighborhoods around our house. This seemed to be the most manageable so we could replenish our water and sweedish fish supply, change out of our hot clothes, grab hats, get encouragement kisses from Brian (me ha.) and use the bathroom. This also gave me the ability to just focus on this one hour I was in. I might use this tactic in the marathon because I was feeling mighty overwhelmed by the thought of running for that long. Which is weird because I’ve done it a million times before but I guess since I haven’t done REAL marathon training in like a year and a half it’s feeling a lil’ intimidating.


First loop my legs were asleep and hated me. Which I kept reminding myself is how the first hour of a marathon usually feels for me–between the taper and the early wake up, it usually takes me until the 10k to get into a groove. Then my middle miles feel ok 10-14, then I feel so overwhelmed by having so much left. 15-18 is just grinding it out and trying to calm my brain and just focus on one stride at a time. 18-24 is a hurricane of insane emotions and feeling like shit and then feeling amazing. 24-26 is counting down the seconds until the finish line:)


Second loop felt ok–I really just wanted to be on the third loop by then haha. We ended up back at the house so I could grab my water for the last hour. Last loop was just about making time. I had some discomfort and tightness in my groin which I had to stop and stretch a few times. I’m really focusing on that this week and looking for a nice balance between strength and miles before long running on Friday!

This long run I wasn’t really being myself. Typically I just jump right into it and focus on how much I love running, keeping a smooth stride, and enjoying the weather (when it’s nice). I’m really NEVER the one complaining but Sunday was different. I’m hoping Friday I can bring the postitivity and focus on strength, fueling, mantras, and keeping a clear mind!


We wrapped up by taking Ruppert on a quick walk around the block. The rest of Sunday was spent watching FOOTBALLLLLLL, grocery shopping, and long evening walk with Ruey:) There was the Trivium 5 and 10 mile race going right through our neighborhood when we went out for the walk! I found some runners finally hahah!



Greensboro where are you hiding all the runners???

Seriously. Where are they? I feel like I’m the only person in Greensboro who runs. Which can’t possibly be true. I mean where are all the young professionals and mid-lifers striving to better their lives and accomplish something by training for a marathon?! I guess no one in the Boro thinks their lives could be better…………um I don’t know about that.

1496618_10206677389710328_2047408178393171209_nI’m missing having a running buddy. And even though my favorite running buddy and I didn’t run together ALL the time at home, I always knew she was juuuust a phone call away and we could be frolicking through the woods together. But alas, she had to go to Europe and frolic around their woods. Or cobblestone. Or castles. Whichever, she’s amazing and it looks like she’s having a blast.


Rue sometimes can be my running partner but as the weather gets cooler her resemblance to a cheetah gets greater:/ And then the entire left side of my body gets effed up from her yanking so much. But she’s definitely the most enthusiastic partner I could ask for:)


On a not so related note: 20 MILES IS HAPPENING LATER TODAY! I’m getting ready for the pain train:) Lee is here though so we’re doing 18 together which is going to make it not suck a million times!


(hopefully there will be a few of those later tonight…)

On another really not related note: I can’t stop eating these muffins from a bakery down the street from my house. At first I was just so excited about it because how whimsical I thought a real pastry bakery was….obviously we don’t have that at home. I was going just because I felt like I was in Gilmore Girls at Luke’s eating muffins and drinking coffee. But thennnn the muffins are like, seriously, so good. Like insanely good. So I just keep buying them. They’re buy one get one on Fridays which doesn’t help my “stop spending money on muffins” budget plan.

Welp. That’s all I have right now. The boys are both still asleep and Rue is snuggled up with Leeby. She’s in Heaven:) I will be reporting back with how the 20 miler goes!

Loving the Small Things


There have been a few times in the past couple of days where I catch my mind wandering to a place of total gratitude. I keep reflecting on my life and where we are right now and kinda can’t believe it. I probably say that to Brian like once a week ha. One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that you’re only as happy as you want to be. And recognizing how much you DO have in life is the recipe for inspiration and contentment. So here’s just a quick list of some things that are making my heart flutter:)

  1. OPEN WINDOWS20161005_130306  
  2. Shorts that don’t chafe11951675_1028052510559791_5106960081856756899_oThis is a photo from a few years ago but those shorts stopped being awesome when my legs stopped being sticks #thunderthighs. But as I’ve been running more and lifting twice a week and trying to eat less dairy I’ve noticed my legs have gotten a bit less chafe prone!! Thank goodness. Not looking for stick legs again just ones that don’t eat my shorts while I run.
  3. Weather that makes me skip rest days: All my complaining last week about the hot weather apparently paid off because this week is incredible (Thanks Matthew…). I keep putting off my rest day because I actually feel guilty spending a day not running when we are living in the greatest running time of year. I know how fleeting this time is and tights and mask weather will be here before we know it so gotta take advantage of this while it’s here!
  4. The BEST running crops I’ve ever used: They’re Brooks and I got them for 30 dollars from I normally never ever never buy running crops because they either ride up on my calves and clunch at my knee or I’m pulling them up every 5 seconds around the waist. NOT THESE!!! They stay completely in place the entire time I’m running. I’m even starting to consider wearing these for the marathon…..big, I know. We’ll go through the 20 miler this weekend in the and see how they hold up chafe and comfort wise. P.S. Marathon is 1 month away!!!!
  5. Eating salad a few nights a week: yes random and small but it’s kinda crazy what those veggies a few nights can do for how your body feels all week. We’ve been loving it. Amazing what pounds of rice and beans and quinoa can do for your appreciation of the green stuff:)
  6. Marcy Grey “I Try”: This goes without needing an explanation. Just go listen to it and it’ll instantly perk you up:)
  7. Realizing I actually have a lot of time: 11425497_977306515634391_4576757249038655180_oI think people like feeling busy and a little stressed all the time. It’s our way of feeling productive and like we’re making progress. So for the past few weeks I’ve been feeling stressed and busy even though I’m not really doing that much. This week I finally put two and two together: I’m still in college! My job is part time and my classes are night. The work load is manageable as long as I stay on top of everything. Realizing this has allowed me to actually enjoy my down time (like right now while I type this up) and not feel guilty for not doing something else.
  8. Ruppert: Girlfriend is life. Homegirls til death do us part. That is all.20161004_131042
  9. Living with Brian:)
  10. 14055139_10210064924876590_6447263375502058956_n  I think he’s kinda the best and it’s so cool to live with my best friend:) Even though he’s an old grumpy grandpa and I tend to resemble an easily distract-able 6 year old.